I wanted to make something with toilet paper rolls. I have seen projects on the web using toilet paper rolls for Christmas decorations. However, I have not seen any jewelry projects using toilet paper rolls, so I decided to make a pair of gold square hoop earrings.

gold square hoop earrings flat on table

The gold square hoop earrings are lightweight, yet bold. They are a great conversation starter, especially when you tell people how they were made – with an empty toilet paper roll!

I cut strips of the empty toilet paper roll before shaping the strips into squares. I applied a glue mixture to the squares to stiffen them. Next, I painted the squares with gold metallic paint. Once dry, I just added head pins, jump rings and earring wires to finish the earrings.

These earrings are very inexpensive to make. You probably have plenty of empty toilet paper rolls that were headed to the dumpster. The glue, paint and earring findings should cost under $10 total, but you may pay more or less, depending on where you shop.

If you are looking for a bold, eco-friendly earring project, then the gold square hoop earrings are for you.

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Gold Square Hoop Earrings


1 empty toilet paper roll



gold metallic paint

paint brush


straight pin

2 1” gold-plated head pins

2 6mm gold-plated jump rings

2 gold-plated earring wires

round nose pliers

flush cutters

bent nose pliers

flat nose pliers



Dimensions (approximate): 1.5″h x 1.5″w x 0.4″d (38mm x 38mm x 10mm)


Make the Squares

Place the toilet roll on the table horizontally facing you. Measure and mark 2 10mm strips on the toilet roll. Cut the strips.

Bend and shape each strip into a square.

Mix 1 tablespoon of glue into 3 tablespoons of water in the saucer. Dip each square into the glue mixture. Allow the glue mixture to dry.

Next, paint each square, inside and out. Allow the paint to dry.

Finish the Earrings

Mark where the loop to the top of the earring will be, then stick the pin through the mark to make a hole. 

String a head pin through the hole. Bend the head pin close to the top of the earring with the round nose pliers, then make a loop in the opposite direction of the bent angle. Wrap the end of the head pin under the base of the loop, then trim off the excess wire. Tuck the edge against the base of the loop.

Open a jump ring, then string it through the loop. Attach an earring wire to the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

one gold square hoop earring completed

Repeat the instructions above with the other square.

Your earrings should look like this:

gold square hoop earrings with blue background

Here is a side view:

gold square hoop earrings - side view, blue background

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Let me know in the Comments section below.

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Thanks for visiting!

Spinster Simone 🙂

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