I like to experiment with different material to make jewelry. One of the materials that I have been using is cardboard because it’s cheap and versatile. I wanted to make something bold and geometric, so I made these modern geometric drop earrings.

modern geometric drop earrings

The modern geometric drop earrings are bold, colorful and lightweight. You could wear these with casual or semi-casual attire. They are perfect as a colorful accent to a neutral palette.

I used smooth cardboard because it’s lightweight, yet sturdy. The edges are smooth and clean, so the shapes will have a nice, professional look. The corrugated cardboard is too bulky and tacky looking to use for jewelry.

Once I found the perfect piece of cardboard, I traced squares, hexagons and triangles in graduating sizes on the cardboard using a geometric stencil. Next, I cut out the shapes, painted them, punched holes into them, and connected them together to make the earrings.

You could make the components for the earrings in any size or shapes that you like. If you want to make a bold statement, I suggest making the components in different sizes and shapes, then painting them in bright colors. Primary colors are perfect!

The modern geometric drop earrings are very easy to make, but you will need several hours (including drying time for paint).  If you decide to try this project, here are a few things to note:

  • use smooth edged cardboard (i.e. not corrugated) to make the shapes.
  • use care when punching holes into the cardboard shapes. You may opt to use a straight pin rather than a pinhole punch for better accuracy.
  • make certain that the jump rings fit through the holes that you make. You do not want to accidentally tear into a hole with a jump ring that is too thick. I suggest using jump rings that are 20-22 gauge to avoid this problem.

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Modern Geometric Drop Earrings


a piece of smooth cardboard


geometric stencil


red, yellow and blue acrylic paint

paint brush

pinhole hole punch or straight pin

4 7mm gold-plated jump rings

2 6mm gold-plated jump rings

8 4mm gold-plated jump rings

2 gold-plated earring wires

bent nose pliers

flat nose pliers

Dimensions (approximate): 4”h x 1” w, 3.5” drop from earlobe


Make the components

Trace 2 1” squares, 2 ⅞” hexagons and 2 ¾” triangles from the stencil onto the cardboard. Cut the shapes with the scissors.

trace geometric shapes for the modern geometric drop earrings

cut geometric shapes for the modern geometric drop earrings

cardboard pieces for the modern geometric drop earrings

Next, paint the shapes as follows: squares – dark blue; hexagons – yellow; triangles – red. Use 3-4 layers of paint on each side. Allow the paint to dry on the front before painting the back.

painted squares, hexagons and triangles for the modern geometric drop earrings

While the paint is drying, open 4 of the 4mm jump rings with the flat nose and bent nose pliers. Connect the jump rings together to form a small chain link.

chain link for the modern geometric drop earrings

Make a second chain link with the remaining 4mm jump rings, then place the chain links aside.

Punch the holes

Mark the point where you want the holes on each component to appear. Each square should only have 1 hole at the top center. Punch the holes into the components with a straight pin or a pinhole punch.

Connect the components

First, open a 7mm jump ring, then use it to connect the top of the square with the bottom of the hexagon. Close the jump ring.

Second, open another 7mm jump ring and use it to connect the top of the hexagon with the bottom of the triangle. Close the jump ring.

Third, open a 6mm jump ring, then attach it to the top of the triangle. Close the jump ring.

Your earring should look like this:

shapes connected together for the modern geometric drop earrings

Finally, connect the earring with the 4mm chain link, then attach an earring wire to the top of the 4mm chain link. Close the jump ring.


Repeat the instructions above using the remaining shapes and findings.

Your earrings should look like this:

modern geometric drop earrings - portrait

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Let me know in the Comments section below.

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Thanks for visiting!

Spinster Simone 🙂

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