I wanted to DIY a Christmas tree that was inexpensive and apartment-friendly. Also, I wanted to use colors other than the traditional red, white, green, silver and gold. After much experimenting, I made a pom pom wall Christmas tree.

pom pom wall Christmas tree

The pom pom wall Christmas tree is minimalist, yet colorful. Modern, yet whimsical. It’s cheap and slim, so it’s perfect for a small space.

I made my pom poms out of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream’s cotton yarn in tangerine (a nod to Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019), tea rose, flame, beach glass, jute, and white. I strung white hemp cord through the pom poms, then attached the finished pom pom cord to clear clips on the wall in a tree pattern. Finally, I added a big fluffy pom pom to the top of the tree.


close up of tree topper on the pom pom wall Christmas tree

You can make your own pom poms, or you can purchase ready-made pom poms to save time. Try to use colors that are not the traditional red and green to achieve a more modern take on the Christmas tree. Also, hang your tree against a white or light-colored wall so that the colors will pop!

If you want to make a colorful, modern Christmas tree without breaking the bank or hogging floor space, then the pom pom wall Christmas tree is for you.

Here are the instructions:

Pom Pom Wall Christmas Tree


Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn in Tangerine, Beach Glass, Tea Rose, Jute, Flame (discontinued) and White (i.e. no traditional Christmas reds and greens)

hemp cord in white


tapestry needle

3M Command™ clear decorating clips


Dimensions (approximate): 50”h x 42″w



Attach the clips to the wall

Make an upside down “v”  pattern on the wall with the wall clips. Make certain that the clips line up evenly with each other. Allow the hooks to cure on the wall per the instructions on the packet.

decorative clips and hook on wall

Make the pom poms

Meanwhile, make the pom poms as follows (if you have ready-made pom poms, skip this step):

Wrap yarn around 4 fingers 60 times. Slip bundle off fingers.

Cut a 6” piece of yarn, then tie it around the center of the bundle.

Trim the top of the loops of the bundle. Next, trim the fringes until their length is approximately ¼”.  Set aside.

Make as many pom poms as you need following the instructions above ( I made 18 pom poms total in the six colors listed above – you can use a different color combination). Set aside.

(If you have extra pom poms, why not make pom pom earrings!)

pom poms for the pom pom wall Christmas tree

Next, make a large frilly pom pom.

Wrap yarn around 4 fingers 80-100x. Slip bundle off fingers.

Trim the loops, then spread the strands into a fan shape.

Trim the edges until they are even. Separate the plies on each strand of yarn on the pom pom.

When the pom pom is loose and shaggy, you’re finished. Set aside.

pom pom tree topper for the pom pom wall Christmas tree

(P.S. Save the scraps to make fluffy fan earrings, a fringe bar necklace, or toy mice.)

Make the pom pom strands

Next, you will attach horizontal strands of hemp cord through the pom poms.

Cut horizontal strands in graduated lengths that are 6” longer than the width of each row of the tree (i.e. if the width of the top row is 9”, cut a 15” strand of hemp cord).

Thread the shortest hemp cord strand through the tapestry needle, then thread the hemp cord strand through the center of a pom pom. Remove the needle from the strand. Set the pom pom strand aside.

Take the next shortest hemp cord strand and thread it through 3 pom poms. Remove the needle from the strand then set the pom pom strand aside.

3 pom poms on hemp cord strand

Make two more pom pom strands: one using the second longest hemp cord strand with 5 pom poms and one using the longest hemp cord strand with 7 pom poms. Set these pom pom strands aside.

Assemble the tree

Take one end of the shortest pom pom strand and tie it around a clip. Adjust the pom poms so that they look like they’re attached to the center white spaces of the “tree”.  Attach the other end of the strand to the opposite clip.

Repeat with the remaining pom pom strands. Finally, attach the frilly pom pom to the top hook or clip.

You’re done!

You can attach additional “ornaments” and decorations to your tree such as pictures, fringe, earrings, gift tags. Let your imagination run wild!

I would love to know if you tried making a wall. Please contact me through the Comments section below, or share your pom pom wall Christmas tree on Instagram by tagging #spinstersimone.


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