DIY Favorites – Copper Pipe Projects

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I have a fondness for copper pipe decor. They create a modern, industrial look while exuding warmth and comfort in a space.  They are durable, functional and compliment just about any decor, especially minimalist decor. If you were to buy a copper pipe item at a furniture store, you would probably spend a fortune. However, if […]

DIY Favorites – Sofas and Daybeds

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I have been in the process of replacing the furniture in my home. So far, I have replaced the nightstands in the bedroom. However, the apartment needs more work. One of the most hideous items in my apartment is my futon sofa. Yes, I still have this after fifteen years. I would love to buy […]

DIY Favorites – Macramé Projects

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I am learning how to make macramé knots. I love the way they look, but I have a long way to go before I will get it. Meanwhile, I can only dream about the projects that I want to create. Rugs, bags, wall hangings – the possibilities are endless! If you are looking for macramé projects […]

Five Favorites for the Week – 9/28/18

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I’m trying to get macramé, but it’s tougher than I thought. Plus, I only have a little time each week to work on the basics, so it will be a long time before I can finally make some items for the website. Meanwhile, I have pinned a lot of DIY projects this week. I am […]

DIY Favorites – Pearl Jewelry Projects

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This week’s DIY favorites features one of my favorite types of jewelry: pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry is timeless, elegant, and works with most wardrobes. Even though I like the classic strung pearl necklaces and bracelets, I love more modern pearl jewelry. I searched the internet and found some DIY pearl jewelry projects that are fresh […]