I love making wire hoop earrings. They are easy to make yet add an elegant touch to an outfit. However, I wanted to make something different from the standard smooth wire type, so I made a pair of twisted wire hoop earrings.

twisted wire hoop earrings on display card

Twisted wire hoop earrings are easy to make. First, I wrapped 24 gauge standard craft wire around a bamboo skewer to make a coil.  Once I made the coil, I stretched and bent the coil into a hoop. Next, I attached a jump ring and earring wire to the hoop. Finally, I stretched and shaped the hoop into the size I wanted while preserving some of the coiled texture.

The thin gauge of the wire contributes to the light, airy look and feel of the earrings. The twisted coil design makes the earrings look more expensive than they actually cost to make.

I decided to use a bamboo skewer to make the coiled hoops, but you could also use a pencil or chopstick. Your coils will be slightly bigger, but you will still have a lightweight earring. If you want wider earrings, just make your coiled piece longer (i.e. more than 1/2″ long).

You can use craft wire, or if you have the money to spend, precious metal wire. Just make certain that the gauge of the wire is small (i.e. 22-26 gauge) so that you will not have any difficulty wrapping the wire around the bamboo skewer.

It only takes about an hour to make a pair of these twisted wire hoop earrings, so you can make a few pairs within a weekend afternoon.

Here are the instructions:

Twisted Wire Hoop Earrings



materials for the twisted wire hoop earrings

24 gauge gold-colored jewelry wire (the type from the craft store)

2 6mm gold-plated jump rings

2 gold-plated earring wires

1 pair flush cutters

1 pair bent nose pliers

1 pair flat nose pliers

bamboo skewer, chopstick or pencil


Dimensions (approximate): 1” diameter (2.5cm)



Wrap the end of the wire around the skewer – leave a ¼” tail. Hold the loop in place with the bent nose pliers.

secure wire loop with bent nose pliers when wrapping wire around bamboo skewer to make the twisted wire hoop earrings

Wrap the wire around the skewer in the direction away from the first loop with your other hand. Make certain that the loops are not wrapped too tight around the skewer.

Continue wrapping the wire around the skewer until the spiral is approximately ½” long. Cut the excess wire leaving a ¼” tail.

Remove the spiral from the skewer by slowly twisting the skewer in one direction while sliding and twisting the spiral in the opposite direction.

Slowly stretch the spiral out from the center, then bend and shape into a circle.



Lock the ends of the circle together. Attach a jump ring underneath the area where the locked ends meet.



Twist the ends of the circle around each other below the jump ring, then trim the excess wire. 



Push the ends against the twisted ball of wire underneath the jump ring, then attach an earring wire to the jump ring.



Slowly stretch the hoop out from the center until you achieve your desired size. Place the earring aside.



Make the other earring following the instructions above.

Your earrings should look like this:

small twisted wire hoop earrings (horizontal)

If you want slightly larger earrings, continue to stretch the wire until they look like this:

large twisted wire hoop earrings

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Please share your results on Pinterest.

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